An organization’s real-time communication logs are a rich source of data, which when analyzed can give unparalleled levels of insight into the relationships that its people and their teams cultivate amongst themselves and their clients, stakeholders and suppliers.

TrustVault provides that analysis.

A proprietary Relationship Analytics Platform, TrustVault ingests logs from Corporate Communication and collaboration systems, analyzes their data and outputs actionable insights by forming the enterprise’s ‘Social Graph’. The graph can be utilized by multiple stakeholders within the organization. The resulting insights enable organizations to provide smarter management over sales activities, increase efficiency in internal investigations, as well as develop their most valuable assets – the people.


TrustVault takes big data to perform analytics on the organization’s social network. The resulting analysis provides actionable insights, arming decision makers with situational awareness and the ability to act quickly.


Protecting individual privacy is at the heart of TrustVault’s design. TrustVault reads only metadata, it does not read or store communication content, so an organization’s and individual’s detailed communication privacy is maintained. It can be installed on premise, on cloud or hybrid, adapting to the customer’s business environment and need. The platform handles data from some of the largest companies in the world and can scale accordingly.


A wide array of business systems and applications can easily tap into TrustVault’s analytics through an open API. The analytics is delivered into a standalone product through a web browser interface or can be integrated into different business platforms such as CRMs, HCMs and other collaborative platforms. See TrustVault’s Supported Systems to find out if your organization’s systems and applications can be integrated. All TrustSphere applications derive their analytics from TrustVault.