With critical information necessary to address an allegation being found in different corporate silos and systems, investigators are faced with the challenge of how to prevent additional damage occurring in the immediate days and hours following the initial alert to a potential problem.

Risk Analytics by TrustSphere allows a visual triage across actors and domains to focus on the relationships at risk, including previously unidentified potential 3rd party participants. Using these insights, investigators can take immediate action with the persons of interest and thus prevent further damage for the organization and those involved.


In today’s increasingly litigious world, being involved in E-Discovery at some point in time is an unavoidable inevitability for most organizations. Rapidly establishing which person may be involved and identifying relationships, is invaluable for the legal team. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics allows the legal to team to scope and assess quickly the risk and liability so that accurate decisions can be made to solve the issue. Further, by eliminating potential persons who were initially suspected of being involved, the cost of providing the detailed discovery from the system of record is reduced.