Potential leakage of sensitive data and using inappropriate communication channels for corporate business is a concern for all Compliance Officers. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics Freemailer Report allows managers and investigators to be alerted to such infringing activity. The solution facilitates the modification and correction of non-compliant employee behavior and allows the regularization of communication back to the official channels. Understanding in real time whether attachments are being shared on Freemailers indicates risky behavior which could be detrimental to the organization, thus enabling corrective action to be taken.


Organizations can be sensitive to communications occurring within certain domains. Domains such as media, competitors and recruiters are examples of communication exchanges which may raise concerns for both managers and compliance. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics solutions can provide insights and alerts on activities occurring within nominated domains, thus allowing sensitive communications to be managed appropriately. Corrective action can quickly be taken to prevent any communications which are prohibited by the company communications policy. Knowledge that such vigilance is possible is likely to preemptively modify employee behavior and ensure the corporate communications infrastructure is not being used in ways which contravene policy.