In B2B sales, warm introductions have five times the likelihood of achieving engagement with buyers when compared to cold calls. TrustSphere helps sellers identify the right people within their organization’s network who have existing relationships with a client or prospect who they can leverage to provide a warm introduction to a prospect. It replaces the small chance of stumbling upon the right person with data that helps the seller to quickly navigate the best path to a new customer. Like other social networking sites, LinksWithin utilizes the power of an organization’s own social network and identifies key corporate connectors. Results are restricted to just the top 10 most relevant internal contacts. These are personalized for each employee in the organization.


Many organizations struggle to accurately identify the employee who has the strongest relationships with any customer or prospect. Finding the right individuals to make the right introductions is usually either impossible or extremely time consuming. TrustSphere uses data analytics to search the organization’s social network and identify the employees with the strongest relationships with any specific individual or organization (either internal or external). It determines these relationships using purely objective data.  These experts can then be contacted to provide up to date intelligence, insights and introductions to the prospect, or better context to an existing supplier or partner relationship. This precious information helps employees be more relevant and contextual when approaching a new client or interacting with a business partner or supplier.  Finding the source of relevant, up-to-date information is priceless in today’s business environment.