By looking at the relationships that individuals build within their team and the wider organization, we can visualize how effectively they are collaborating with each member of their network. This data can then be benchmarked at role, team or department level to identify where collaboration is strong, or where silos exist. By continually evaluating the collaboration levels of employees, we can see the change in collaboration levels in real time.


Our technology starts with individual employees but extends to show how these employees collaborate within their teams, with departments, and across geographies. Leaders can see how teams are collaborating internally and with other parts of the organization. We also enable organizations to continually evaluate the changing levels of collaboration, ensuring that corrective efforts are well directed and that they actually deliver improved levels of collaboration.

Virender Aggarwal

“TrustSphere has enabled us to really leverage the data which is available to us and can reveal whether people communicate with each other across, up, down the line and with their peers. We can use TrustSphere for performance management, understand whether employees are collaborating with each other and whether they are team players. Collaboration is intrinsic to the culture at Ramco. Being able to measure how collaborative a person is, or how networked they are internally as well as with third parties is excellent for us. It can tell us effectively whether people will excel in our organization.”

CEO, Ramco Systems