By analyzing an employee’s network, we can measure their influence within the organization. We expose employees who are often not yet recognized as leaders in the formal hierarchical structure, but show they can drive natural, organic and authentic change. By ranking employees by their ability to influence people within their team, department, and geography, we help identify individuals who are skilled at delivering sustained business change across the organization.


By analyzing how leaders build their relationships, we help organizations understand the networks of their best leaders. Hidden networks could include internal/external, upwards/downwards, local/global, cross-functional or only within their own line of business. We measure each relationship and create benchmarks so organizations can seek to emulate their effective leaders. We also uncover hidden leaders and high potential employees by the networks they have built and sustained.


Leveraging the existing science of Organizational Network Analysis, we apply tried and tested algorithms to measure the traits of effective line managers. We quantify the effectiveness of a line manager in building strong relationships with their team members and understand their role as an information gatekeeper for their team.  This also enables us to create benchmark to see how highly effective line managers drive performance and revenue.


When the relationships and networks of an incumbent are understood and measured Succession Planning becomes more effective. Potential successors can be identified by their network similarity and overlap compared to their predecessors.

We enhance Succession Planning by using network analytics to identify employees who may have critical and influential networks. These employees have the potential to create the largest amount of disruption if they were to leave. With our solution organizations, can undertake data driven succession planning and risk mitigation strategies for critical roles.