TrustView is a visualization and reporting application that ingests the analytics residing in TrustVault – our proprietary Relationships Analytics Platform. TrustView supercharges a business by highlighting the most important asset with which employees work – their relationships. Visualizing them in their true organic structure and helping managers and business leaders to sell smarter, evaluate risk and maximize their talent.


Using statistical analysis and advanced social network analytics on Corporate Communication and collaboration systems data, a relationship map can be generated for single individuals, groups, departments or entire organizations. These powerful, intuitive visualizations can be fine-tuned and analyzed to help businesses solve a myriad questions relating to commercial, security or HR challenges and opportunities.



TrustSphere’s proprietary algorithms generate scores for each relationship to identify the strength of a particular relationship or group of relationships. The reports generated give managers quick contextual insights into the problems they are trying to solve, or the opportunities on which they are aiming to capitalize.