Managing and leveraging relationships with customers, prospects and partners in the most optimized way is critical to building greater engagement and driving business results. Your sales teams can unlock tremendous untapped potential by effectively combining “what” they know with “who” they know.

The TrustSphere Mobile application enables employees to access real-time data about their relationships on a mobile phone or tablet. Using the App, employees are always connected to their entire relationship network and that of the organization. TrustSphere mobile’s unique set of features unlocks the power of the business network and provides a convenient and efficient way to manage it.


To maximize the power of a user’s own relationship network, employees can search their personal network for individual email addresses or company domains. This simple search provides users with a summary of their past interactions with any person or company. Individuals are listed and the strength of their relationships and recency of their interactions is summarized. Users can then click through to see brief details on their most recent communications and generate follow-up emails. This feature is like a personal address book that does not rely on data entry.


TrustSphere Mobile provides employees with a real-time summary of their professional relationship network.


Relationship Activity summarizes the status of an employee’s relationships; new relationships, current active relationships, and those that are neglected.

For any relationship, users can view a summary of their most recent interactions. Users can then click through to generate emails and continue conversations to strengthen those relationships.

  • Reconnect: The reconnect screen alerts employees to relationships at risk, or rather, relationships where interactions may have ceased. The tool shows the number of days since the last communication, providing an easy reminder to reconnect. Never let a potential opportunity slip through the crack.

  • Active: This feature enables users to track their new relationships, prompting them to send a quick follow-up email, update the CRM and many other often neglected tasks which are vital in the early phase of relationship building. Never lose track of your customers and prospects.

  • New: Users can see people they have interacted with the most with traffic lights that show the recency of communications and the total number of messages exchanged.


The LinksWithin™ capability is also available via the TrustSphere Mobile application.

LinksWithin™ enables you to leverage your organization’s combined social network to find the most relevant connections to an external company or individual. By accurately identifying the people within your organization who have an existing relationship with an external party, market-facing teams can find the best path to a prospect and teams can work together in a more coordinated and effective way. While social networking sites are great at telling you who might be connected; they are less effective at telling you who has a relationship. LinksWithin™ distinguishes between mere connections and current relationships.


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TrustVault has to be set up in your organization, before you can start using TrustSphere Mobile. Get in touch with us today to get started.