Building Extraordinary Customer Relationships – with Relationship Analytics for Sugar

As competition intensifies, customer expectations are skyrocketing and investment dollars are harder to generate, it is more important than ever to enable your organisation with the right tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

While CRM systems were intended to deliver a single customer view, they have been hampered by manual processes and the ensuing lack of quality data. Sales teams primarily operate via digital interaction tools and habitually neglect to reflect that activity in the CRM, making the customer information inside these systems incomplete and unreliable.

If CRM systems could seamlessly ingest multiple, complete streams of rich, timely and relevant data, the potential to enhance the customer experience across your enterprise would be ground-breaking. Relationship Analytics for Sugar is the globally unique capability that provides valuable, real time, game changing insights direct to Sugar users. Relationship Analytics for Sugar is easy to install and drives your Return on your Sugar investment.

New to Sugar

TrustSphere is proud to advise that in partnership with Sugar, we are bringing the power of our visualisation tool to EVERY Sugar user.



TrustSphere’s Relationship Graph and LinksWithin enables you to leverage your organization’s combined social network, to find the most relevant and productive connections to an external company or individual. TrustSphere’s unique algorithms do what you wish you could in other social applications such as LinkedIn – differentiate meaningful, useful relationships from mere connections. Imagine the time you will save knowning the person you are about to ask for Help actually has a meaningful relationship that can assist you and not a ‘connection’ that was simply accepted.


When was your customer last contacted and by whom? What was the context of this interaction? TrustSphere automatically populates Sugar so you can answer these simple, yet important questions and create the customer centric view you want to. View the last time someone emailed your prospect, customer or partner and connect sales, service and back office teams in an intelligent way. With TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics, Relationship Managers gain visibility over all interactions with clients, including those that are not in the CRM, so that they are always prepared for meetings and calls to ensure a coordinated customer dialogue.


A typical sales organization loses between 15 – 20% of its team every year. Staff turnover can cause disruption to customers and impact client retention. Providing relationship data from across the organization to a new account executive is priceless. TrustSphere’s Transition Report in Sugar allows new sales employees to gain visibility over key relationships with stakeholders in key accounts. Sales Managers are also able to transition a departing Sales Rep’s important relationships to their replacement, thus ensuring a smoother transition and decreased disruption to the customer. This ability to pass on relationship information typically improves the time-to-productivity of new reps from three months to just one month!


TrustSphere Missing Contacts Dashlet reveals what is NOT in Sugar – all the contacts and important relationships that do actually exist, but are non-existent in the CRM – and prompts customer facing stakeholders to add these potential contacts with just one click. Saving valuable time that can be better spent in the field engaging with the customers.



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The Relationship Analytics for Sugar product works by taking in relationship insights processed and stored within TrustVault. TrustVault is TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics Platform that ingests the metadata from email communications using Connectors to your organization’s existing email system. These Connectors and a TrustVault instance must be set up for your organization before you can install and use the Relationship Analytics for Sugar product within Sugar. Both Cloud and On-premises versions are available for TrustVault installations. Below is an illustration of the setup and flow of data.

Each component from the above illustration explained:

Emails that pass through your organization’s email servers hold valuable information about relationships with customers. TrustSphere has built connectors that can extract the minimum required meta data from your organization’s email servers to build an enterprise social graph.
The connectors are built to extract metadata from most widely used email systems. These include Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps for Work, IBM Domino. The full list along with supported versions can be found on our supported systems page.
The Connectors export only the required metadata into TrustVault. This means only the To, From, Data/Time, Message Size and Message-Id fields are processed and stored in TrustVault. Message Subject is an optional field and can be stored as well if your organization requires it.
The Relationship Analytics for Sugar integration into Sugar presents the insights into the relevant leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. The integration is a native Sugar application that is supplied as a zip package.

The Relationship Analytics for Sugar application is available from SugarCRM and SugarCRM Channel Partners. Please contact your SugarCRM representative or visit the SugarCRM contact page to obtain further details.

TrustSphere provides a complimentary TrustVault Cloud subscription or on-premises license directly to all Relationship Analytics for Sugar purchasers. We’ll contact you promptly after purchase to arrange access and configuration. Please note that on-premises implementations will usually require a professional services engagement billable at TrustSphere’s then-current fees.

  • If you specified TrustVault Cloud when you purchased Relationship Analytics for Sugar, please follow the steps on the Cloud Implementation page.
  • If you specified TrustVault On-Premises when you purchased Relationship Analytics for Sugar, please follow the steps on the On-Premises Implementation page.
  • All support for Relationship Analytics for Sugar is provided by SugarCRM and SugarCRM Channel Partners. Please contact your SugarCRM support representative or visit the SugarCRM support page.
  • All support for TrustVault and its connectors is provided directly by TrustSphere. Please contact  for support.
  1. What is required from an organization’s IT team to install TrustVault?

A cloud based installation of TrustVault and its associated data connectors and client applications will take very little time to configure with standard systems. Often all that is required of the IT manager is the installation of a script, or a few configuration changes to a hosted email service. During the course of the installation, the following questions and tasks will need assistance from the IT Administrator, or a person that has admin rights to the source system (email administrator):

  • Information about the email system – system type, version and configuration
  • Determine how much historical data we have access to
  • Decide whether the TrustVault cloud service will be used, or installed on premise
  • Set-up of access accounts and/or installing scripts to obtain communications data
  • After installation – checks that all data is flowing correctly

For on-premises installations of TrustVault, the commitment is slightly higher as VMware images need to be installed on your organization’s system in addition to the above. This will often require a TrustSphere Professional Services engagement.

  1. Are there any privacy concerns regarding storing and processing email metadata?

TrustSphere’s products and services have been designed specifically with employee privacy in mind and are fully compliant with key privacy legislation and privacy best practices around the world.

EU legislation states that a corporation’s entitlement to access this information is dependent upon:

  • the legitimacy of the business purpose being pursued,
  • the proportionality of the means being employed, and
  • the reasonable expectations of the people involved, typically spelled out in privacy policies and employment handbooks.

Business communications and data are excluded from being covered by most global privacy acts and data protection acts.

Additionally, Relationship Analytics for Sugar never analyzes the content of subject headers, message bodies, or email attachments. This limitation has been systematically imposed to secure the privacy of individual correspondents. Relationship Analytics for Sugar surfaces connections and relationships between an employee and customers based on communication flows which have occurred using the corporate communication/collaboration servers only. It does not look at other network traffic or examine the firewall to understand personal traffic and therefore does not look at an individual’s personal email accounts or personal mobile devices.

Please consult our Privacy Position Paper for Relationship Analytics for Sales for a more comprehensive analysis.

  1. We have security concerns around use and processing of organizational data for Cloud. What measures does TrustSphere take to ensure security?

The TrustVault system maintains data security throughout its flow, using encrypted flows where possible. Control of all data input (to TrustVault) account credentials is in the hands of the local Administrator. Control of all data output account credentials is in the hands of the local Administrator. TrustSphere’s hosting partner and related parties comply with the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005
  • ISAE 3042

Please consult our TrustSphere Information Security Practices document for more information.