While CRM tools such as Salesforce have proven to be an extremely valuable repository of activity and progress, the manual nature of data entry has meant Sales Managers and Sales Teams are often working from incomplete or out of date data. Less than 10% of all customer interactions are ever entered into the company’s CRM.

TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics solution addresses this challenge by providing up to the minute, 360 degree view of accounts and who has been interacting with them. Salesforce, a system of insight and record, combined with TrustSphere solutions can become a primary tool to assist in the day-to-day sales processes.



access independent, empirical data to better understand the status of their accounts and opportunities. Being able to identify exactly which accounts and opportunities are being neglected, will help sales leaders effectively manage pipeline and renewals. Salesforce combined with TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics will ensure revenue maximization and minimize loss. TrustSphere takes the ‘guess work’ out of managing sales team activities.


capture a real-time situation report of all relationships with any client or prospect across the organization. This improves quality of data and true visibility across all customer engagements. Additionally, sales forecasting becomes more accurate, aided by Salesforce’s automated ‘red flag’ alerts that can be embedded within accounts and opportunities, thus eliminating Account Managers neglecting clients and forgotten opportunities.


gain a 360° view of all interactions with their customers across their company. Often their colleagues, without CRM licenses, interact with those customers (eg. billing or technical support departments) creating a ‘visibility gap’ for Sales Executives and Relationship Managers. TrustSphere removes this gap so that sales teams are never blindsided, ensuring a coordinated corporate customer dialogue.


Available on the Salesforce AppExchange