Communication and collaboration is the lifeblood of an organization. However, core systems such as CRM and other customer and knowledge management systems are often not updated and are incomplete. TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics solves this simply and efficiently through the power of big data and analytics to surface an organization’s “Collective Social Network”. Our innovative technology uses the meta data from corporate communication and collaboration systems, to generate actionable insights that drive businesses competitiveness, improve employee productivity and customer experience. In short, we can show you HOW work gets done, HOW results are achieved and HOW to improve performance, faster.

LinksWithin™ for IBM Connections, IBM Connections Mobile and IBM Verse is a powerful intelligence capability that allows individuals to leverage their organization’s combined social network to understand valuable relationships across the organization at the click of a button.

Whilst social networking sites are great at telling you who might be connected to whom, they are less effective at telling you who has a relationship with whom. LinksWithin distinguishes between mere “connections” and business “relationships” by measuring relationship strength.


By identifying who within the organization is already in contact with which customers and accounts, LinksWithin facilitates organic internal collaboration and ensures a coordinated customer dialogue. With LinksWithin, sales executives and account managers are able to provide a unified and seamless customer centric experience that truly demonstrates the value you place on your customers. Further, LinksWithin enhances the employee experience and delivers deeper connectivity by easily identifying relationships across the enterprise for more effective communication and greater collaboration.


TrustSphere’s unique Relationship Analytics platform, TrustVault, maps an organization’s collective social network by extracting communication logs from IBM Domino or IBM SmartCloud and other communications and collaboration systems. By analyzing the interactions, TrustVault measures relationships that employees have within the organization and with external parties, thus generating a “Collective Relationship Network”.

LinksWithin reveals the 10 strongest relationships that exist between the target and your internal colleagues. You can easily differentiate between strong, medium or weak relationships and whether that relationship is current. No other details are shared to protect the privacy of each individuals’ network.


*LinksWithin is a registered trademark of TrustSphere Pte Ltd