The Technology

+What does TrustSphere do?

TrustSphere is a recognized pioneer of Relationship Analytics technology. TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics platform processes metadata (never the message content) from corporate email and communication systems in order to provide analytics about relationships between people, teams and organizations. It is capable of doing so at enterprise scale – including large organizations. These analytics are delivered to business users as insights either via TrustSphere’s own solutions or our technology partner’s products and solutions. Certain clients can also access our analytics via our open API’s for integration into their own solutions or applications. Many of our integrations deliver real time insights into popular business applications including, IBM Verse and Connections or SugarCRM.

+What is Relationship Analytics?

Every enterprise has a “social graph” based on actual communication flows and interactions between its team and between the organization and its customers, suppliers and partners. These interactions happen via email and other communication systems all the time. Understanding the activity on this network reveals significant insights about the way organizations function. Insights distilled from the activity on the network are known as Relationship Analytics.

Leading organizations leverage these insights across multiple business units and to improve a variety of key business processes. Relationship Analytics is typically delivered via TrustSphere’s own applications or via our technology partner’s business applications.

+How do customers benefit from the technology?

Customers work with us in three key areas where they see Relationship Analytics filling important gaps in their business. The Sales function uses these insights to sell smarter and help sales teams be more productive. Relationship Analytics leverages the power of the organization’s collective network. Risk Management and Compliance teams pre-empt risky and/or suspicious behaviour proactively. They also benefit from the ability to react quickly in the event of insider fraud or misbehaviour by quickly filling in the blanks. Talent Managers can take a data driven approach to maximising the potential and effectiveness of their ultimate asset – their People.

Getting Started

+What are the steps to get started?

Getting started is simple. We just need to connect to your email and/or other communication systems to our cloud-based Relationship Analytics system and we are ready to go. For most popular cloud based systems this is takes less than 5 minutes.

For more complex environments, TrustSphere’s representatives will work with you to determine how Relationship Analytics can best help your business. Once we have identified the challenges our solutions can address, our professional service team can guide you through implementation. We are experienced at navigating the discussions with your internal teams about security, privacy and implementation. Once a Proof-of-Concept scope has been agreed our professional service team can usually get you started within a few hours.

+What is required from my organization?

Your enterprise IT system administrator for email and other communication servers, will need to provide limited support to assist with the initial setup. This ranges from a few minutes in most cases, to a few hours in more complex environments.

+Where is the technology hosted?

We work with a number of leading global hosting providers for our cloud service including IBM Softlayer and RackSpace. This ensures the highest quality of data privacy and security standards.

For highly regulated environments, the application can also be hosted on a secure server on-premise behind your company firewall. If you host on-premise, none of the data will ever leave your firewall providing a higher degree of data assurance.


+How is it priced?

Pricing is subscription based and depends on the type of application being used and the number of employees in an organization.

Our core Relationship Analytics engine is priced based upon the number of employees that an organization has. Our applications which use Relationship Analytics are priced on the actual number of users accessing the business applications (eg number of CRM licensees or number of mobile application users). Professional services and support, where applicable, are priced separately. Business applications which we integrate our analytics with include, SugarCRM, IBM Verse and Connections as well as other partner applications.  Some of these may be purchased directly from our technology partner.


+Is a corporation using TrustSphere's products and services entitled to access this information?

TrustSphere’s products and services has been designed specifically with employee privacy in mind and are fully compliant with key privacy legislation and privacy best practices around the world. In most jurisdictions, a corporation’s entitlement to access this information is dependent upon:

  • the legitimacy of the business purpose being pursued,
  • the proportionality of the means being employed, and
  • the reasonable expectations of the people involved, typically spelled out in privacy policies and employment handbooks.

Business communications and data are excluded from being covered by most global privacy acts and data protection acts. Please consult our Privacy Position Paper, TrustSphere Sales Analytics for Sales for a more comprehensive analysis.

+How does TrustSphere ensure that it is not inadvertently collecting or accessing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the corporate infrastructure?

TrustSphere’s products and services do not include information collection capabilities. In all cases, the information in question is collected by existing corporate systems. Only those corporate systems which TrustSphere connectors are configured to use are accessed, consequently there is no way for communications that aren’t in those corporate systems to be inadvertently accessed.

+Does TrustSphere comply with, and do its products and services comply with, relevant and applicable privacy legislation?

Privacy legislation in the jurisdictions in which TrustSphere operates currently creates obligations for organizations which collect personal information, rather than for organizations which provide products and services for processing that information. TrustSphere’s products and services are designed to support customers’ ability to comply with relevant and applicable privacy legislation. TrustSphere provides assistance with addressing the details as part of planning a deployment. Handling and processing of business data is exempt from most global privacy and data protection legislation.

Please consult our Privacy Position Paper, TrustSphere Sales Analytics for Sales for a more comprehensive analysis.

+Is there a reasonable expectation by staff / employees / stakeholders that the data processed will be used for the types of insights being delivered?

In most situations, an organization that lawfully possesses personal information is entitled to use it for general purposes specified in privacy policies and employment handbooks. So long as those general purposes are reasonably necessary or justifiable. It may be necessary to review these internal documents as part of preparing for a deployment.

+Do TrustSphere's products and services deal with Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

TrustSphere’s products and services perform relationship analytics based upon metadata from a customer’s corporate communication streams, all of it already in the customer’s possession. This metadata may contain personal information, particularly the identity of people who are communicating. The smallest feasible range and quantity of personal information is processed and stored, the content of communications is not examined or stored.