We accelerate the speed of onboarding new employees by supplying them, on day 1, with all the relationship their predecessor built and cultivated. Line managers can then work with the employee to replicate the network, ensuring that critical relationships and contacts experience minimal disruption. This minimizes the  the risk of losing key accounts and relationships and ensures positive business continuity.


When an employee announces their departure, managers can instantly access their entire network to see their strongest relationships and recency of all their interactions with customers, suppliers, and partners. This simple to use report provides a structure for the entire handover process, ensuring that the employee can transition the status, knowledge, and context of all their relationships. This ensures all critical business relationships are maintained and not lost or impacted by the staff member’s departure.

Virender Aggarwal

“TrustSphere has added value to so many aspects of our business– in particular, it has improved our onboarding processes. We use TrustSphere’s transition report which helps a new sales person come up to speed quickly on all the most important relationships with clients. The handover is now much more rigorous – outgoing employees don’t need to work from memory anymore to provide their replacements with important account information. What previously took between 3-6 months for an employee to be productive now happens within a week.”

CEO, Ramco Systems