Most business transformations fail to deliver, often because the employees chosen to drive the change are not actually able to influence the organization. Identifying truly influential employees has always been either a black art or a wild guess. TrustSphere uses validated algorithms to identify the often-hidden key influential employees. Once identified these individuals can exert their powerful local influence to help deliver sustained business change.


TrustSphere enables the collective network of the new organization or “NewCo” to be modelled and visualized, pre-merger. Both organizations historical logs can be used to model and simulate the combined organizational network map, even at the synergy assessment phase. This empirical data which enables key account mapping, identification of relationship gaps and provide unique insights into restructuring opportunities and likely post merger benefits.


By understanding post merger network activity, the extent of collaboration, emergence of key influencers, effectiveness of co-ordination on account handling and blockers to effective change management is able to be objectively assessed and visualized. As this occurs in real-time, these insights help ensure timely adjustments to post merger implementation and execution.


Even though CRM integration may take a year to complete and teams from the two sides of the merger could take up to five years to fully integrate, the combined relationship network of the new organization is available from day 1 to all “NewCo” team member through LinksWithin®.

LinksWithin® helps deliver the revenue synergies faster by uncovering previously hidden relationships to facilitate warm introductions, enabling instant cross-selling and upselling.