With 50 or more prospects and accounts to review for each sales representative, the Sales Manager, even with the assistance of the CRM, is often overloaded with information. By enhancing the CRM with Sales Analytics, Sales Managers can readily focus on the accounts with less than the usual activity required for a ‘close by the end of the quarter’. By visually being able to identify these accounts, the Sales Manager can forecast more accurately and assist their team to focus on closing opportunities. TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics is available for most major CRM platforms including SugarCRM and


Typical sales organizations lose between 20-25% of their sales team every year. This causes disruption to both prospects and existing customers and has the potential to impact revenue and renewals. TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics Account Transition Report allows a Sales Manager to objectively review each account being handled by the outgoing sales representative, before the representative walks out the door to receive their final paycheck. The real-time generation of the report ensures that all the data necessary for the Sales Manager to transition the relationships to the replacement representative has been obtained and thus minimizes the revenue impact of any departure.


Virender Aggarwal

“We use TrustSphere for some of our key sales processes – one powerful example is funnel analytics. We can check whether the funnel matches with the level of interaction with the client or not. If for example, conversation is only one way, this may be a sign we are about to lose that prospect or client. TrustSphere enables us to understand the depth of the connection or relationship strength between sales people and customers. This tool gives us data-driven insight into client relationships, much deeper than what a sales person can possibly provide. To that end, TrustSphere really helps us to do meaningful pipeline analysis and improves forecasting accuracy.”

CEO, Ramco Systems