Managers and compliance have found it difficult to ensure adherence to organizations and their communication policies without the costly and time-consuming involvement of IT. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics automates the alerting of non-compliance and can pro-actively identify staff whose communication patterns fall outside the benchmark expected for their role and position. This enables their manager or compliance to undertake a review and ensure there is no risk to the organization, resulting from any unusual communication patterns. The near immediate nature of this insight allows preventive action to be undertaken, thus minimizing any consequences for the organization.


Organizations have a particular cadence of communications that can be benchmarked over time. Whether it be around holiday periods, internal announcements, statutory or press releases and quarter end, standard patterns for teams and sub-teams emerge. Understanding these patterns and then identifying anomalies can be early warning indicators of potential issues within a group. TrustSphere’s Risk Analytics solutions allows these anomalies to be alerted to the appropriate supervisor and thus prioritized for further investigation or follow-up. Having insights into changes not only improves risk management but can also assist with productivity improvement across teams and groups.