Coordinated and effective communication within a sales team is critical to maintain credibility with a customer or prospect. TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics allows the Relationship Manager to see all interactions with the customer, including those interactions from people without CRM logins. This insight breaks down silos, aligns the organization and allows the customer-facing team to deliver with an exceptional degree of professionalism. The sales team is also aware of all interactions with a customer and thus cannot be blind-sided during calls or meetings.


With less than 10% of customer interactions actually making it into the organization’s CRM system, TrustSphere’s Sales Analytics provide timely solutions that to drive organisation wide adoption of the CRM platform. The more useful the insights gained by the sales representatives from CRM use, the more they will engage with the platform. By making the CRM a system of insight as well as a system of record, it becomes a primary tool to be consulted, used and adopted in the daily sales process.